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Lay out a foundation of life activities in the 21Century

In 1976 Spring, we started to dreaming of finding out the possibility of “FUNGI (Mushroom)” and in 1981 “Powerful Health Foods” was established and we are in this field for 26years now. We believe that the functional of mushrooms could support the life forms unlimited.

Unfortunately, due to the walls of mushrooms’ cells are extremely hard and insoluble in water, only a part of the useful component can be assimilated by the human body.

In 1996, we had succeed to broke the walls of mushrooms’ cells, make it possible to use the useful component effectively in human body. We are the first company who developed the cell destruction technology and acquired patent.

This technology is not only the pioneer of “Whole-foods theory”, but also have the advantage of no waste, no residue, easy to absorb as well as prevent environmental pollution. Moreover, it can also be used in all kind of foods, changing the conventional common sense of foods and have developed a new culture.

Now the mankind is exposed to various environmental factors and facing crisis to a living body wave after wave. We had acquired I.S.O 9001 in 2000 and HACCP I.S.O 9001 that included I.S.O 22000 in 2005. Powerful Health Foods obligate to offer safe foods and call for natural importance and thanks to foods. What is moreover, we also call for the significance of the balance in physical and mental.

Contribute to society as an enterprise with a global goal we will continue to do our best to be help in life activities in mankind and plants.

PRESIDENT Fukuyoshi Nakada

Outcome of cells walls destruction patent technology of Reishi (Mushroom)

Cells walls before destruction. Cells walls after destruction.

Electron microscope 2000 times

Aim At The World Only One Enterprise

I.S.O 9001(approved in 2000) (Quality guarantee international management system)

I.S.O 22000(approved in 2005)(Food safety international management system)

Pictures: Factory 1, 2, 3. Analysis center. Whole view of dormitory.

We always aim at offer and keep a high quality of safe foods. First, we acquired the International Quality Standard I.S.O 9001. After variously clinical test by persons as well as animals we also acquired HACCP I.S.O 9001 that included I.S.O 22000. We are sure that we will keep on doing our best to secure safe foods.

Productions of “Hime-Matsutake” mushroom mycelium are produce by the best level factory approved under I.S.O 9001, 1400, GMP KOSHER.

Group Company Outline


Head Quarters 215-1 Hiraoka,Shinano-machi,Kamiminochi-gun,Nagano-prefecture,Japan Post Code 389-1315

Tel. 026-255-5581 Fax. 026-255-6733

Establish 6th January 1982

Capital Yen31, 650,000

Head-count 30

Board member

Representing Director Fukuyoshi Nakata

Director Manager Takiko Nakata

Director Hiroko Ito (Pharmacist, ph Professor)

Director Kazuyo Shiratani

Hitoshi Ito (Intermediate Corporation, Director of Fungi & Medicine

Laboratory, Doctor of Medicine & Pharmacy)

Description of business

Produce of mushrooms and medicinal technology research.

Sale of all kinds of Reshi(mushroom) raw material and homemade cells walls destruct products.

Manufacture and contracted manufacture of all kinds of Reshi(mushroom) cells walls destruct products.

Manufacture and contracted manufacture of Hime-Matsutake, and Bee Pollen cells walls destruct products.

All kinds of test assay, environmental measurement and environmental consultant.

Sale of quasi-drugs.

Corporate Name: Buriru Medical Company Limited

Head Quarters/Factory/Laboratory

215-1 Hiraoka,Shinano-machi,Kamiminochi-gun,Nagano-prefecture,Japan, Post code 389-1315

Tel: 026-255-5581 Fax: 026-255-6733

Establish 1st January 2006

Capital Yen8, 000,000.–

Board member

Representing Director Fukuyoshi Nakata

Executive Director Takaaki Kaiguchi

Director Toyoaki Nakata (Production incharge)

Auditor Tetsuo Kitagawa (Judicial Scrivener)

Description of business

Manufacture all kinds of mushrooms.

Manufacture of mushrooms processed goods. (Powder, cells walls destruction, sterilization)

All kinds of products design, test and research consultant.

Process all kinds of contracted manufacture products.

All kinds of assay and contracted assay.

Plants substances testing and entrusted test.

Corporate Name: World Giken Company

Head Quarter

215-1 Hiraoka,Shinano-machi,Kamiminochi-gun,Nagano-prefecture,Japan, Post code 389-1315

Tel: 026-255-5581 Fax: 026-255-6733

Establish 1st January 2006

Capital Yen3, 000,000.–

Board member

Representing Director Fukuyoshi Nakata (President)

Executive Director Takaaki Kaiguchi

Description of business

Environmental consultant

Manufacture and sale of plants/vegetables bioactive substance.

Corporate History

Jan.2007 Powerful Health Foods Head Quarters, Buriru Medical Head Quarters acquired I.S.O 22000 (2005)

Apr.2006 World Giken Company established

1.Jan.2006 Buriru Medical Company established, capital Yen8, 000,000. –

Dec.2005 Capital increase: Yen31, 650,000. –

Apr.2005 Start entrust of animal testing

Jan.2005 Head Quarters, Shinomachi Factory acquired I.S.O 9001(2000)

Jul.2003 Toky office opened

Apr.2003 Aim at improves of quality, all factories minus ionization.

Mar.2003 Capital increase: Yen30, 000,000. –

Mar.2003 Start entrust of general ingredient analysis

Dec.2002 The third factory (PS Factory) completed and started operate as special in cells walls destruction line.

Oct.2002 Acquired patent of Hime-Matsutake substance and mycelium destruction.

Apr.2002 Capital increase: Yen22, 500,000. –

Dec.2000 To improve the in-house manufacturing efficiency, get certification in canning and bottling manufacturing factory.

Nov.1998 Got approval of a creation way about simple correction analysis method of dioxin kinds.

Sep.1998 Shinomachi Branch established. Started inspect, analysis of home-made products and environment analysis

Sep.1998 Shinomachi third factory completed. Formed a supply system to correspond the demand augmentation in both own company and trusting production.

Aug.1998 抗変異源性食品の特許を取得する

Jul.1998 Capital increase: Yen15, 000,000. –

Jun.1996 Change of corporate name: Powerful Health Foods in 15th Anniversary.

Mar.1996 The first corporate acquired cells walls destruction patent and manufacture in full scale.

1992 Succeeded in destruct the cells walls of Reishi-mushroom.

1989 Started operate of Shiitake mushroom cultivation factory

1987 Established artificial culture system of shiitake mushroom

Jan.1982 Established of Kyodo Organic Foods Company Limited

Feb.1980 Company start-up

1979 To bring in cultivation technique from Kyoto University Foods Chemistry Research Center

1977 Succeeded in artificial culture of Reshi-mushroom

1976 Succeeded in culture of indigenous Reishi- mushroom

Powerful Health Foods Company Limite

Heard Quarter

215-1 Hiraoka,Shinano-machi,Kamiminochi-gun,Nagano-prefecture,Japan,

Post Code 389 -1315 Tel. 026-255-5581 Fax. 026-255-6733

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